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Sign up for a free Medical News Today account to customize your medical and health news experiences. Sometimes producing an unusual colored semen is a once-only occurrence. Other times, a man may notice a more consistent change in the color of his semen.

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Although this occurrence is not always a cause for concern, there are some instances when semen color change can be an indicator of an underlying medical condition. Semen as a substance is a combination of secretions from the male reproductive glands as well as sperm.

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Changes and disruption to these areas are what cause color changes. However, if yellow semen represents a significant color change for a man, this could be cause for concern.

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While semen that is light yellow is not usually a cause for concern, there are instances when a man should see a doctor for yellow semen, especially when the semen is a dark yellow. If a man has other symptoms, such as yellowing skin, feverthe semen Sometimes chunky sperm foul, or he experiences pain when ejaculating, he should see his doctor.

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Treatment depends on the underlying cause. If an infection has caused yellow semen, a doctor may prescribe antibiotics or anti-viral medications. If a man does have yellow sperm that is consistent with a possible infection, he should refrain from sexual contact until a doctor can examine him for infections. Otherwise, he could potentially pass on an infection Sometimes chunky sperm his partner. A man may also try to reduce the amount of artificial dyes in his diet. Drinking more water can also help.

If a man notices something out of the ordinary, or his semen remains discolored for an extended period, he should contact his doctor who can diagnose the potential cause and provide peace of mind. It is not completely abnormal for a man to produce semen that varies in Sometimes chunky sperm, texture, and even smell. The presentation can vary based on a man's diet, activities, and the amount of time since he last ejaculated.

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