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Swinging en perigord

Pics Gallery Swinging en perigord.

Its stone walls and rust-coloured roofs are broken up by trees and vegetable gardens. The place is bathed in sunlight and birdsong. Old ladies bustle about, wearing slippers and bearing baskets of home produce, while an elderly chap is packing his shotgun into the back Swinging en perigord a clapped-out Renault. We are apparently in a classic south-west French village, as found on the better sort of postcard.

Then, jarring elements arise. Of the few cars about, more than seems reasonable Swinging en perigord British plates. Many of the houses are in a state of repair exceptional for an isolated country village.

French customers look suspiciously like foreigners in their own village. This is the most colonised village in France. Per head of population, it has more Britons than any other commune. The mayor, Michel Lamy, contemplates the fact with puzzled pride.

And, of 75 holiday homes, 63 are British-owned," he says, with proper municipal precision. The story is almost the same in neighbouring villages - and the trend is swinging upwards.

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