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Everyone has an ice-breaker fact about themselves right?

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Something quirky, cute, not too heavy? Then there those other facts, the ones you don't necessarily hide, but that you don't bring up either.

This is one of those. It even features on my resume, and almost always comes up in job interviews. Molly Donahue tells all about what it's like to be a grown-up Girl Scout. Kind of like jumbo shrimp.

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Eating all your Thin Mints within 24 hours, priceless. But I could, if I wanted to. I do still have the vests hanging in my closet, though.

Girl Scouts' participation in parades hasn't changed much over the years. Credit unnormalized via Flickr CC.

When you become a Girl Scout adult, you join nearly one million Girl Scouts—across the country and around the world—who volunteer their time and inspire girls to become leaders Whether you want to build your resume, blaze a particular career path or make new friends based Adult girl scout a shared Girl Scout experience, you've got a worldwide sisterhood to add richness and fun for the rest of your life!

And there's one question I posed to my troop members: Here are the results:.

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Out of the 8 people in our troop, 5 of us have been Girl Scouts for 15 or 16 years. That's a lot of cookies.

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Thin Mints are another popular option, and my personal favorite. Cookie sales are far from the only thing Girl Scouts do, but I humored the curious and looked into the fundraiser's history.

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The classic cookie campaign has come far over the years, since individual members began baking and selling cookies in the s. The first Adult girl scout sale was held inand you can probably guess how it went from there. Even WWII couldn't stop the sale of Girl Scout cookies and their popularity only grew as Baby Boomers caused a spike in membership in the s and 60s.

Volunteer now to introduce girls...

There are currently two bakeries that handle America's cravings for Girl Scout cookies and 12 flavors are produced annuallythough they aren't all available in every state.

And even though cookie season comes only once a year, you can Adult girl scout the most of it with other cookie-inspired products that appear on supermarket shelves.

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You can find more Adult girl scout about how to get involved with Scouting on their website, here. You can comment below or on our Facebook page or Tweet to us. View the discussion thread. Say the phrase Girl Scout meeting, and you may think Merit badges, social service projects — cookies, perhaps?

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Well, for a few girls in the Granite State, a scout meeting is one of the few times Adult girl scout get to see their mothers. Throughout her time at Dartmouth, Priya Krishna catalogued inventive twists on dining hall fare for her college newspaper.

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Shortly after graduation she began gathering together recipes for her new book Ultimate Dining Hall Hackswhich came out in June Well, for a few girls in the Granite State, a scout meeting is one of the few times they get to see their incarcerated mothers.

Manufacturing in Adult girl scout Crossroad: NH's Opioid Crisis Foodstuffs: View Slideshow 1 of 2. This was from an embarrassingly recent Memorial Day.

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View Slideshow 2 of 2. From our most recent "troop event.

Listen to the radio story: Workman Publishing - http: Official Girl Scout Volunteer Scarf. $ Official Girl Scout Profiles Scarf Slide. $ Traditional Logo Scarf Slide.

$ Official Adult Pin Lanyard. At GSOSW, we strive to offer an adult training progression matching the girl progression experience.

Official Girl Scout Volunteer Scarf....

Our trainings are designed to offer adults insight on girl and. Adult summer camps abound; enamel pins and patches are in vogue.

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