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If you want a partner take my hand lyrics

Nude photos If you want a partner take my hand lyrics.
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Leonard Cohen — I'm Your Man. I'm Your Man song meanings.

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Add your thoughts 18 Comments. General Comment To me this song is deeper than just a love song or the token of someone's commitment.

If you want a lover....

I see this as someone who is obsessive and forceful over a relationship. Who will do anything not to be alone.

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He is saying he will be whatever she needs, knowing full well that the promises he makes in the long run he can't keep "I've been running through these promises to you, That I made and I could not keep". As I'm writing this I am trying to understand if that still is love. I think it might be but it's not a relationship. I guess I'm saying this because I think he's not singing to one particular person.

I think he's singing it to every female he could ever possibly be with. He's a desperate romantic, wearing any kind of mask he has to to get the love he needs. I'm just saying this from personal experience. I could be completly wrong though.

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My Interpretation One of my favorite LC songs. General Comment This is so beautiful. I would probably die for anyone who said something like this to me.

He is saying that he loves a person, and the love is a special, life-changing kind of love that he would give anything to keep. And the way he sings, the animal-like emotion makes me breathe heavily and feel like there's something happening that I've never before thought of. And I feel this every single time I hear it.

Most of us men feel this way. But you have to deal with the anger too.

It's easy to fall, harder to stay. General Comment for me this represents the greatest form of love.

If you want a lover....

General Comment This is one of my favourite Cohen songs. Lyrically it's simpler than some of his others, but some of the imagery in it is fantastic. Although the man is laying his life at her feet - he'll do anything she asks him to - and he can't sleep at night for the need of her, he's not going to beg because he knows she won't respect him for that. This is a wonderful love song. General Comment This song has already been greatly explained.

I thought I would mention Dax riggs did a cover of this. It's amazing go check it out. General Comment This is hte way I love. With every bit of my heart and soul.

If you want a lover....

This is my favourite Cohen song and I think it's about someone who is desperately in love and trying to prove himself, even though he knows that at least half of the shit he is promising he'll never be able to keep. Flag belo4ka on December 20, My Opinion I think LC doesn't get enuff credit for his sense of humour. Several of his songs crack me upe. The line about being a doctor who will examine every inch of you is a belter. I'm not missing out his lyrical, mystical qualities and his power to see things most of us missbut don't miss the fun along the way!!

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SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. Login with Facebook Error: Login with Google Error: User does not exist. If you want a lover, I'll do anything you ask me to. And if you want another kind of love, I'll wear a mask for you. If you want a partner, take my hand. Or if you want.

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