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This is where I get to voice my opinion of topics big and small, politically correct or not; topics of import yesterday, today and tomorrow. The physical and temporal, and yes cringe Nancy pelosi big boobs political, social, historical, psychological, and emotional. Yes folks, let us talk breasts. Those round globular masses of feminine flesh that seem to preoccupy our culture, and are used to sell, well, sell just about everything.

Music, film, beer, makeup, food, cars you name it it has been sold by a heaving pair of well cleaved breasts. Let's talk about these glorious globes. First I know boobs. I've been married 4 times, two with naturals, two with synthetics. I have known in my years probably a dozen women out of over 60 who sported implants, saline and silicon. This does not count hundreds of strippers who have dangled their protuberances inches from my face.

Some were candid enough to talk to me Nancy pelosi big boobs their experiences with implants. Now I can say that in my experience, some were magnificent, others were encapsulated monstrosities. If you don't know encapsulation, it is when scar tissue forms around the implant, the bodies attempt to isolate the implant from the rest of the body.

A defense mechanism of sorts. It results in the implant being compressed into a hard ball like mass. I was involved with one gal who had badly encapsulated implants and I doubt she could sleep on her stomach.

The things rolled around her chest like two softballs under her skin. Her aureoles were stretched tight like two henna tattoos.

Saline implants possess the most versimilitude, but in my experience it depends on how much breast the gal has to work with in the beginning, and whether she goes bonkers with the cup size. This results in Exhibit A for Synthetic detection: These are the high and tight half melons sitting unnaturally on the gals chest.

If the skin is stretched so tight it looks Nancy pelosi big boobs pop, Synthetics.

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This comes from squeezing a C cup implant into A cup skin. It also results in weird nipple placement. Do they point east and west when she is facing North?

Do they sit up when she is laying down? An example of this is Pam Anderson.

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She used to be a C, max. Now she is a DD and I think resorts to wearing fake nipples. Other examples are too numerous to count: Brittany Murphy, Jessica Alba et al Another cause of this is encapsulation or capsular contractions.

Vivica A Fox is a good example of this. Docs don't know why some gals are prone to it and some not. This can also lead to: Distorted or transplanted aureoles. Anna Nicole Smith is a prime example. Her aureoles are nearly pentagonal due to them having to be moved to accommodate the large implants she Nancy pelosi big boobs in her Houston stripper days.

Another result of Exhibit A is Exhibit C: Stretch marks with no history Nancy pelosi big boobs excessive weight gain. Now let me explain. Why would a young woman without any history of being fat or having had kids have stretch marks on her breasts? Simple the skin couldn't stretch over the one or two cup size too large implants she picked out.

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Examples are Tara RiedSalma Hayekand a close look a some photos of Scarlett will show tell tale stretch marks forming on her left globe. No visible means of support. Bush gets some boobs....

Do those C and D cupers defy gravity? Well, natural home grown fat don't act that way. Susan Sharandon has a first class pair and I've only seen her in one or two movies where her globes were swinging free and you could tell they were the real coconut.

Well this one you have to see the gal nude. The best point of entry is under the fold of the breast. If done right it is undetectable. My current future Ex defies me in this regard. I can not see where her scar is. I encountered a nightmarish set Nancy pelosi big boobs boobs after a date in the late 80's. She had just had surgery and was so proud of them she pulled her blouse off as soon as we stepped into her apartment after dinner.

The Doctor a hack, had obviously underestimated how low her needed to make the incision. I hope she got her money back. The other horrible point of entry is through the aureole. The Doc who suggested that must have been gay. The scar will always be visible, Nancy pelosi big boobs.

It does result in loss of sensitivity in the nipple. Event in the heavily airbrushed men's mags you can see the scars. An example is Gena Lee Nolan. Hers look nice in clothes but sliced and diced in the nude.

Strange folds Just like Exhibit A, under sizing can lead to weird results.

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I dated a Cherokee gal in Oklahoma, a true beauty. I first met her with her future Federal Inmate drug smuggling boyfriend at a Christmas party.

I was taken with her Ds at that moment. A year or so later I met her again cruising a club and one thing led to another.

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