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Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Bruce lee chinese connection stripper scene and rate your Bruce lee chinese connection stripper scene movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! The Chinese Connection This film is a classic but then all of Bruce's completed films are classics.

There are strong anti-Japanese messeges including one Japanese guy having a tash similar to a certain German dictator in the film but it has been over 33 years since the film was made and so this can be put down to it being dated.

Ultimately it is a film about injustice and Revenge. The Bushido School's general evilness, the injustice against the Chinese in Shanghai and Bruce's called Chen in this one hot headedness create a circle of violence which escalates completely out of control.

This is an intensely gritty Kung Fu film unlike Bruce's later films which were more escapist in nature and Fist Of Fury has the highest body count in terms of Bruce actually killing people with those fists. The legendary 'Sick Man Of Asia' scene is amazing and the end of Kill Bill clearly homage's this so any Tarentino fan's will get an added joy out of watching this beautiful sequence.

DO get the uncut version. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Bogey Man 16 July Fist of Fury Bruce lee chinese connection stripper scene the story of Chen Lee who arrives in Shanghai to his martial art school, only to learn that his beloved teacher has died and the funeral is going on when he arrives. Soon it is revealed that the death was without a doubt a murder and our fierce hero is going to solve the mystery.

With the power of his fists and kicks. This film is prehaps little too racist towards Japanese since they are depicted as dirty and greedy criminals here and some lines in the script are very underlining and judge the Japanese people too much. Then again, the film makes me wonder about racism in general since there is so much mayhem in the film and so many Chinese and Japanese get killed by each other, so maybe this film was not meant to be racist at all. Maybe the intention was to tell something about us who cannot live in peace with each other.

All these things happen even today, 30 years after the film's release so the subject matter is definitely universal as it was back then in Still I would have toned down some of the dialogue bits since they are little too strong, and I think Bruce Lee himself didn't like the film's racial elements.

On the other hand, this film is really beautiful as it depicts the sensitive love between Bruce and Nora Miao, who is very beautiful and sweet female in this film, and also in other Lee's films.

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The scene at the teacher's grave is one of the most sensitive scenes of love I've ever seen, and those two characters are hand touchingly full of Bruce lee chinese connection stripper scene.

The themes in this film are mainly about relationships between individuals and humans in general, so the film has many things to offer moreover mere action. This is action classic with heart. The film is famous for its legendary first nunchaku fight scene at the Japanese' training camp as Bruce shows for the first time his personal fighting tool and weapon, a pair of nunchakus.

That fight scene even before nunchakus is among the greatest ever filmed since the choreography and timing is totally marvellous as the one take lasts very long without edits, and Bruce kicks and hits about ten victims during that, and the timing and stunt men had to be really sharp in order to not to get hurt for real.

Bruce Lee's fourth and final...

Also, the nunchaku fights in the film are incredible as Bruce uses his weapon without flinching an eye and with fierce look on his face.

This all is even more powerful in his next film, Way of the Dragon. The film was shot mostly in studio and there are only few exteriors in Fist of Fury. The staging is very convincing and the film's bigger budget compared to that of The Big Boss' really shows.

The last fight in night time at the Japanese yard is very beautifully lighted and full of cinematic magic.

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The film is full of details and elements from Chinese culture and traditions, so this is little more personal and interesting film than The Big Boss, which had some irritating little flaws like the sound of Bruce' necklace he got from his mother and the scene where Bruce punches a guy through a wall with funny and campy result, which director Lo definitely didn't meant to look that funny.

Fist of Fury is a stunning piece of Hong Kong and world cinema and easily among Lee's greatest films. The atmosphere is created so convincingly that even Bruce lee chinese connection stripper scene who usually don't appreciate action films should appreciate this, since this film is many more things than just action and fighting.

Fist of Fury hasn't lost any of its power and punch during these 30 years and will remain one of the most important martial arts movies ever made.

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Lee's most intense movie abentenjo 14 April Undoubtedly Lee's most intense performance, Wei's powerful kung fu classic is ripe with anti-Japanese hysteria and propaganda, so much so that there's not a single pleasant Jap' in the movie unlike the up-to-date modern re-make. That aside, essentially this is a riotous Bruce Lee vehicle, kicking out trademarks and smashing up all evil in the process.

The plot Lee's sifu poisoned by Japanese school in turn-of-the-century Shanghai is a valid excuse to string a great line-up of fight sequences together, Bruce lee chinese connection stripper scene what great action this is: Bruce pounds the lights out of a dojo full of evil Japs using only fists, feet and nunchakus, and the duel with Baker Lee's real-life personal bodyguard near the movie's end is sheer entertainment typified.

Though based on factual events, the subject matter is vastly exaggerated. Nevertheless, as kung fu theatre goes, Fist of Fury is an immensely satisfying experience, and stands as probably Lee's best Hong Kong work. Lee's most conventional martial arts film, but still classic stuff DrLenera 19 October The second of the Bruce Lee-starring movies is in terms of plot a lot less interesting than the first. Here, we have the 'student sets out to avenge his master's death' which was already the major storyline of most martial arts Bruce lee chinese connection stripper scene.

However, it is handled in a more realistic way then usual and technically it is far superior. Lee was allowed to choreograph his own fights and his battle with Japanese martial artists in their school and climactic duels with a Russian boxer and a Japanese swordsman remains classic fight scenes. The film drags somewhat in the middle although the Bruce lee chinese connection stripper scene dialogue scene between Lee and his girlfriend was another step forward for the Hong Kong martial arts movie, vivid proof that Lee was a pretty good ACTOR.

By contrast, Lee's final farewell to his girlfriend is all the more powerful for being done completely without dialogue at all.

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The ending is the most powerful and moving of all the Lee films, the final freeze frame managing to encapsulate Lee's grace and power in a single shot. Many mock Lee's films as being silly and just consisting of fighting. Both accusations are completely untrue. They have far less Bruce lee chinese connection stripper scene than most films of this kind and, at least in the three Hong Kong films he made, there is a clear message that violence does not solve anything.

They may not have the polish of the more recent works of Jackie Chan and Jet Lee but their power remains undiminished, as long as of course one does not watch the awful dubbed versions! What makes this Kung Fu classic stand out a bit more is the entire basis for the film: Constantly referring to the Chinese as a whole as the 'sick men of Asia,' and even thinking them lower than dogs as is shown in some of the scenes.

The entire basis of this Kung Fu film becomes a real reaction to the pain of discrimination and the hatred of a sense of racism that the Japanese dished out to the Chinese, and is based Bruce lee chinese connection stripper scene off of a real story that followed similar tones. What makes this film very special is the commitment that Bruce Lee has to defeating the Japanese whose goal is to crush the will of the Chinese -- a very accurate reflection of the sentiment that existed.

Overall, this is a very good film that was well done; it has a lot of the defects that films similar to its' genre have having the grainy feel of Kung Fu films of its' time but other than the typical, it really sets a standard for Kung Fu and film in general.

One can see it, in many ways, as being a good basis for subsequent action and Kung Fu films. A lot of the things in this film were very original and very interesting -- overall, a must see film for anybody who enjoys Action, Kung Fu, or 'political resistance' so to speak. A film for the downtrodden striking back. Bruce Lee's best performance in a best revenge movie. After seeing Fists Of Fury a. V, I was surprised that they showed his next movie The Chinese Connections a.

This is the best movie Bruce Lee has made before starring in Enter The Dragon, and if you're a Bruce Lee fan please watch this movie, you'll love this. It of course serves its purpose of dishing out lots of great combat complete with hilarious over use of "impact" sounds. But there's more here going on than that. This also features some funny comedy, and some particularly potent drama. It's a tale of bigotry, as the Japanese in Shanghai treat their Chinese counterparts with Bruce lee chinese connection stripper scene, and demean them.

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Taking place at the turn of the 20th century, it stars Bruce as Chen Zhen, a student who returns to his school to learn that the beloved "Master" has died. Not only that, but he just might have been murdered, to boot.

Naturally, Chen swears to solve the crime and get some revenge. He takes on all comers, while the carnage mounts. There's some pretty delicious gore in this lively affair, which goes on a bit long at one hour and 47 minutes, but it still has much to recommend it.

Lo and Bruce get your attention and keep it with their many intense fight sequences. It also offers a little dose of romance, as Chen hopes to marry the girl whom he loves Nora Miao.

The villains are wonderfully despicable; you love to hate them, and eagerly anticipate the inevitable showdown between Bruce and characters such as Petrov Robert Bakera massive Russian who shows off his superhuman strength in one amusing segment. The acting is just fine from everybody concerned.

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