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Nude with mother in law

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James was spending his vacation with his wife in a nice apartment at the sea.

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His mother-in-law Ella came to visit them for a couple of days. In the middle of the visit his wife had to run an errand so he was alone with Ella for one whole day.

He Nude with mother in law her but he still wasn't comfortable spending a whole day alone with his mother-in-law. James was sitting in his chair and watching Ella walking around the apartment. He discreetly checked her figure in bikini. He just blurted, "Ok. They were walking on a small path to the nude beach.

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James was walking behind his mother-in-law. This way he could admire her legs and her ass. He was anticipating the moment that he would see that ass naked. Luckily Ella was talking a lot so that he had time to fantasize about her figure. They came to the nude beach and they undressed. I hope I didn't embarrass you too much, but you will get used to it.

I like that," James recovered quickly. By the way you have a really good figure. James was admiring her breasts and her pussy which had a little pubic hair. They found a nice secluded spot.

Soon they were lying Nude with mother in law their backs and sunbathing. James was checking her breasts. From this close he could see that Ella was old, but she still had sexy breasts.

He could also glimpse her pubic hair. It didn't take long and he had a full hard-on.

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James was just mumbling something. She smiled naughtily and touched his dick again. She gently stroked his dick. From time to time she gently scratched his dick with her red fingernails. James was enjoying it immensely. He looked at Ella's beautiful breasts. Ella was quiet, she was thinking.

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