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Hustler club new york review

Naked Galleries Hustler club new york review.

I'm not sure where these reviews below are coming from possibly those with a low income But I have never left Hustler club new york review I went here with some friends after revisiting the gentlemen's club scene to see how it compared to some other clubs.

There was some great pole dancing which a lot of other club Flynt's famous porn empire erects a larger-than-life club on the West Side Highway. With over Hustler club new york review the most erotic and exotic entertainers, Larry Flynt's Hustler Club attracts a sophisticated clientele who seek the extraordinary experience of VIP champagne suites, beautiful women and a place where their fantasies are fulfilled.

The Hustler Club exudes a casual attitude in an upscale environment that has finally brought the fun back into Hustler club new york review. With the encouragement to dress in whatever outfit best fit their own personality, being the "school girl" to the "Dominatrix", the "Hustler Honey's" give guests the chance to meet their every desire. Inside the Hustler Club is as intriguing as the entertainment, featuring over 10, square feet of pure party space featuring two second-story floating glass stages, VIP champagne suites and multiple performance stages.

Larry Flynt's Hustler Club presents the fulfillment of fantasies delivering an extraordinary experience. Hustler Magazine is among the more graphic of men's mags, and now it's serving up a little name-brand raunch in the flesh. Celebrity owner and the magazine's founder Larry Flynt keeps more than 60 dancers roaming the two-floor, block-long club, which offers ample space for the main stage area as well as two balcony stages and VIP rooms.

In over-the-top Flynt spirit, the club boasts the tallest pole for stripper tricks in the city.

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From family friendly trips with kid friendly activities to local plumbers lawyers, spas, and contractors. Larry Flynt's Hustler Club Claim.

New YorkNY I went to the Hustler Club to celebrate my Hustler club new york review birthday. I guess I was expecting something different since Hustler considers itself an "upscale" strip club. From the minute we walked in it was bad.

We received a chilly welcome from the miserable looking front door girl and horribly slow service at our table from an equally miserable looking waitress. I don't really expect exceptional service at a strip club, because bottom line is, you are there for the strippers.

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But you would think a place like Hustler would be a step above the rest. But I have never left dissatisfied, nor has anyone i know. If you want ugly chicks that stiff you for your money go here.

Bouncers were rude, coat check girls were rude. Will not go back. Ugly Girls, Rude Bouncers more. Lot's of Attitude, Got Hustled! There was some great pole dancing which a lot of other clubs no longer have but otherwise I felt like the girls were tired and waiting for a bigger fish.

Was hoping to see a smiley, hot girl who I could have a good time with but there was none to be found. The last dancer who came up to us danced once and then demanded five times what a dance cost cause she was Hustler club new york review a little bit. I just got a bad feeling from the whole experience and we left and all vowed not to go back. Outdoor Deck in Summer Cons: I just visited the club for the second time and it was an even better experience than the first. Club location is well placed and not difficult to snag a cab on the way out.

Upscale interior, gorgeous women. Very diverse group of awesome ladies. The table dances are very reasonably priced and thus offer a compelling value proposition. I didn't see a need spending the big bucks for upstairs or a private Hustler club new york review. Also, no real need for bottle service.

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Just grab a drink from the bar and have a seat on one of the many comfy Hustler club new york review on the perimeter. No need to explore other clubs - this one is a known quantity. Will they ask you to move if you are blatantly in the way blocking walk ways, bar area, etc. Is it pricey, no. Upscale club, gorgeous ladies Cons: Pricey private room dances, bottle service required for prime seating more.

After you get passed the -cross eyed- rude door girl, the girls are alright.

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Had a dance by a beautiful tall Irish woman Although it is expensive, it is expected, the staff were really great and I'm not just talking about the dancers, the cocktail waitresses were really sweet and attentive. Theres a reason why this place is called Hustlers The only way we had girls coming to our "VIP" section was if the bouncer was tipped off.

After the girls are brought to you if you don't pay Hustler club new york review The bouncer flashes his piece to intimidate you.

Also, for some reason these guys can't get their billing straight. They charged my card double the amount I spent, and now I'm fighting these charges with my bank.

If you don't want a bad hangover the next day?

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I say steer away from this place. The carpet my feet stepped on Cons: No matter where you stand they will tell you to move where you can't see any girls dancing.

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The only refuge is the outdoor deck at the top but of course if you go up there you're not really in a strip club anymore. Save your money, avoid the hype, and spend it elsewhere where the girls are nice and service is actually customer-oriented.

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Otherwise you have to leave the main floor and hang out upstairs with the steerage. Or you can go up to the roof deck and stare at the West Side Highway with the other guys that got c0ckblocked. This is absolutely immoral and Hustler club is hustling the people who go to their club.

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They have hot girls. You just can't see them without an additional fee.

Go somewhere else if you want a good time. Menstrual fluids all over my pants - enough said! I go there every weekend and the girls are hot! The drinks are a little pricey but the atmosphere is awesome.

If you want to chill and have a smooth night i highly recommend it. Shout Out To Leyla!

Ambience is Awesome Cons: Drinks a little Pricey more. Been there a year back for friends bachelor party. Friends drove in front of building with a parking lot. Girl are pretty enough for my friends to spend a couple of hundred on them. Lighting was good and so are the ladies.

Even the bathroom is clean, for once in a strip club. I do recommend this club, but becareful of the crazy bouncers. They push people sitting on seats to move to other locations to make place for others.

It's one of the biggest turnoffs in stripclubs, the crazy bouncers that drove customers away. This place is topless only, so felles, don't go too crazy with the drinks. Drinks are the usual unless you wish to spend a few hundred on a bottle.

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Hot girls, did I say hot girls? Why do you think it's crowded if it's not good? Bouncers, bouncers and yes you, bouncer more. This club is full of Hustler club new york review lovely girl. When you enter inside the club, you think may be this is a green room for a fashion show.

I have not seen a gentlemen club with such a large number of beautiful girls. You will have hard time to decide to whom you want to enjoy your night. My suggestion to single New York guys is that if you think you will never have fun with most beautiful celebrities in USA, you are not right. You find replica to all of them in LFHC.

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This club is really crowded and some reason club authority keeps reserve board on most of the table. You actually will not get a chance to sit and enjoy drinks and pole dances. Their dancers are really good.

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Their bouncers are very strict. You can not enjoy lap dances in the main room because their bouncer keeps troubling you.

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You have to go to private room to enjoy dances. Home > Nightlife & Music > Larry Flynt's Hustler Club Reader Rating: Write a Review; Scene: Private Party Space, Rooftop, Smoking Area, Strip Club/Topless. Information, location, hours and customer reviews and ratings for Larry Flynt's Hustler Club Strip Club in New York City.

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