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What happens when an empath falls in love

Sex photo What happens when an empath falls in love.

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Where the darkness of the night meets the lightness of the day, two people got immediately attracted to each other. The first one was a highly sensitive, the second- self-centered and manipulative. Can you imagine what happens when someone whose love is unconditional begins a relationship with someone whose love is sick and selfish? The final result is nothing but a dangerous ride, stressful and toxic, for the empath.

They absorb different emotions and energy vibes.

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In other words, they feel what other people feel and empathize with them. They want to protect others and heal their wounds.

Maybe their feelings got damaged in some period of their childhood, and now they hide their scars seeking constant validation and admiration from others.

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Good-hearted empaths are here to help them. Narcissists wear different masks.

What happens when two empaths...

The narcissist is ready to go to extremes to convince the empath that their love is unbreakable and eternal, just for the sake of achieving their own goals. Empaths believe in true love.

The empath sees only the good in everyone. Therefore, they fail to see that the narcissist is a blood-thirsty monster who wants to control them with manipulations and lies. Empaths fail to see that narcissists always seek for a victim; they play a dirty game in which they are always the king while the empath is their pawn.

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When the empath loses their self-confidence, the narcissist becomes the center of their universe. The relationship is all about the narcissist.

Here are the ways that...

The empath believes that they can change the narcissist with their love and care. However, narcissists never change.

"Do Empaths fall in love...

The empath is a giver, the narcissist- taker. Narcissists always need more but they never give. They start to celebrate their victory as they finally have the total control over the empath.

The Reflective Love Of An...

How can an empath put an end to this toxic relationship and save themselves from the damage and cruelty of a narcissist? It is of a great importance for empaths to understand that not everyone has a loving golden heart like them; not everyone who promises to love loves from the bottom of their soul.

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Empaths need to realize that even though they want to help people, not everyone deserves their care. As soon as they recognize these wicked creatures, these sensitive souls need to know that they always have a choice and are strong enough to walk away from a relationship that damages their overall existence.

But most of all, they should never set for less than they deserve, and they deserve to be treated the way they treat others: Therefore, they should walk away with a head up high, stronger and wiser than ever before.

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